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  • Zeno Systems Omnibus  151)   Zeno Systems Omnibus 1.01
    Comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus housed in an easy to use package. Featuring a corpus gleaned from several sources, with very nearly 3 million cross-linked definitions, synonyms, and all manner of related terms. Free upgrades.

  • Feet to Meters Converter  152)   Feet to Meters Converter 1
    Feet to Meters Converter is a simple yet effective tool for converting between feet and meters. It can be used for many situations that require quick measurement lookukps.

  • WireNote  153)   WireNote 2.7.1
    Note/Todo/Reminder/LAN Messenger/Address book utility. Easy to use tree-structured data holder: You`ll never forget anything! :) Can be used instead of messaging service/WinPopup for LAN. A lot of options for every application aspect

  • Multiplication Flash Cards  154)   Multiplication Flash Cards 1.2
    Learn multiplication facts quickly with Multiplication Flash Cards! Multiplication Flash Cards provides a new learning environment for children of all ages to quickly master multiplication facts.

  • Radio Explorer  155)   Radio Explorer 2.6.1
    Graphic viewer for shortwave radio broadcasting schedules. Displays data in a tree-like expanding table, on a 24-hour Gantt chart, and on a world map with greyline and frequency colouring.

  • Create Message Pro  156)   Create Message Pro 1.00
    Create Message Pro allows you to configure and create stand alone .EXE files for distribution across your network or the Internet. Our Create Message Pro adds the ability to specify the message text, buttons to appear on the message, and more.

  • The Chakras of Tantric Yoga  157)   The Chakras of Tantric Yoga 1.0
    Comprehensive Yoga & Meditation Program for health, stress release, concentration & spiritual development. Access & control the flow Prana or the body's electricity/life energy essential for maintaining a healthy Immune System & Emotional Stability.

  • Check&Drive  158)   Check&Drive 2.25e
    Keep your car(s) in top condition.Plan and manage the maintenance of your car or even your entire fleet. Keep track of all expenses, get a reminder when important maintenance tasks become due or have a look at your fuel consumption.

  • A7 Graph Printer  159)   A7 Graph Printer 2.0.12
    Free Daily Thoroughbred Handicapping Graphs available for all tracks. No Charge. Designed using a 2 million-line database. A7 is simplest, fastest software ever created. A single click prints the graphs an entire card. No charge. Nothing to buy.

  • LearnWords WM5  160)   LearnWords WM5 3.3
    LearnWords - training program for learning foreign languages (Win PC, WM6, WM5, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian S60, MS Smartphone) 12 exercises, 20 languages, system of repeating, transcriptions, pronunciation, editor, study of words, phrases

  • BetAssistant  161)   BetAssistant 4.1
    Programme for analyzing sports statistics. Auto result updates. Match statistics. Detailed team information. Graphical display of match results. Head to head stats, group vs group stats, bookmakers' odds and much more.

  • TextWiz  162)   TextWiz 2.1
    Powerful, multi purpose text or html utility that fills many gaps left by word processors and code editors. Search for and replace mutiple lines of text or code in any number of files at once, count lines, words, characters, and much more.

  • Perimon - Natürliche Familienplanung  163)   Perimon - Natürliche Familienplanung 3.6.1
    Natural family planning program to determine up to 12,5 infertile days in the female cycle, next menstruation, the likely ovulation and forecast accuracy on a user friendly basis. For women from 18 to 45 years of age - freeware...

  • BlueMoon  165)   BlueMoon 1.4
    BlueMoon ist ein netter Mondphasenkalender, der im Monatskalender die Mondphasen mit Startzeiten darstellt. Ein Trayicon gibt Auskunft über die aktuelle Mondphase. Mondauf- und -untergangszeiten, Fakten, traditionelle, mythologische Weisheiten.

  • Virtual Teacher Screensaver  166)   Virtual Teacher Screensaver 2.66
    Are you one of millions out there who are trying to learn foreign language, but never have enough time? Get VTeacher a screensaver that displays words and phrases you are trying to learn and their translation. New product, 100% free to try!

  • MsgBox  167)   MsgBox 1.0.0
    Batch file tool displays text in a pop-up dialog box. Includes simple Windows dialog box for small files and message box with scrolling and print to printer. Enhance DOS batch files and adds information boxes to the Windows Desktop.

  • Coins Collector  168)   Coins Collector
    The Coins Collector has been designed for numismatists and everyone who has a passion for numismatics.

  • 2000 Kanji  169)   2000 Kanji 3.0.0
    Learning Kanji is fun! And more so when it's quick and easy. Type-in or skip-over: 2000 Kanji can help you learn more and remember better. It comes with some 2000 Kanji and more than 13000 Japanese words preinstalled and ready to run.

  • eCLOCK  170)   eCLOCK 3.0.0
    eClock is wireless game or event clock that runs on a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP PC. It uses wireless RF technology to start and stop the clock. The RF transmitter has a working range of well over 150+ feet. eCLOCK can track up to 4 periods.

  • Loqu8 iNterpret Chinese-English  171)   Loqu8 iNterpret Chinese-English 3.1
    See, hear and understand Chinese as you glide your mouse. Pop-up window shows instant translations from 2-way dictionary. Ideal for both casual users scanning Chinese websites (traditional or simplified) and serious students learning Mandarin.

  • How To Break 80  172)   How To Break 80 1.0
    “How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros” is written by Jack Moorehouse, not a pro golf player however a person who enjoys the game of playing golf just as millions of other men and women.

  • Birthday Reminder  173)   Birthday Reminder 1.1
    You can View and Print a list of Birthdays for the present / current month. You can also get Birthday reminders on a day-to-day basis. You will NEVER FORGET to wish your near and dear ones.

  • Banking Finance Glossary  174)   Banking Finance Glossary 9984921700
    The Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations (En-Ru) will be of value not only to professional traders, journalists, students, but to anyone interested in the mechanics and terminology of today's markets.

  • StampCAT  175)   StampCAT 10.13
    StampCAT is powerful stamp organizer database that will help you maintain a detailed record of your collection. StampCAT will help you keep track of what you have, where it is, and the total value of your collection.

  • SoftCollection Digital Clock  176)   SoftCollection Digital Clock 1.08.001
    Description: Beautiful Digital Clock. Features: * Transparency may be changed. * May be placed everywhere on the screen. * May be hidden or shown by single mouse click on systray icon.

  • DTgrafic Full Speed  177)   DTgrafic Full Speed 1.5
    Dieser Desktopkalender mit Wallpaper-Manager bringt Fotos von schnellen Autos und Motorräder auf Ihren Bildschirm. Sie haben die Wahl, wann welche Bilder angezeigt werden dürfen, und Sie können auch eigene Bilder einfügen.

  • Corner  178)   Corner 1.52
    Corner is a program for calculating odd corners made from sheetmaterials like aluminium, steel, or glass. It could be the corners of aluminium- or steelfacades - or perhaps strangely-shaped fishtanks... Useful if when you need it.

  • Babylon-Pro  179)   Babylon-Pro 8
    Babylon is a simple and intuitive tool that you operate with a click of your mouse on any text on your screen and a small window appears with the relevant text translation, information or conversion that you need without interrupting your workflow.

  • Flash Terminal  180)   Flash Terminal 2.8
    With Flash Terminal you can chat and exchange files via modem (including v.90, ISDN, ADSL) simultaneously without Internet! You can exchange up to 255 files at once with unlimited transfer resuming.

  • Weight Loss Tracker  181)   Weight Loss Tracker 1.0
    Weight Loss tracker 1.0 is a free, easy-to-use method of keeping track of your caloric intake on a day-to-day basis. Using it will help you get a feel for how many calories you consume on a day-to-day basis, as well as if you are consuming less or mo

  • ABC Timetable  182)   ABC Timetable 1.10.0303
    Create and print timetables for school and other activities! Simply select number of days, enter your times and subjects, select design, colors and fonts, save for later reuse and printout as many copies as you like. Ready!

  • Directors NoteBook 2 Pro  183)   Directors NoteBook 2 Pro 2.i
    Directors NoteBook software, is a FileMaker Pro template that functions as a digital "project notebook" for TV commercial director's. It organizes all the information a director needs access to during pre-production, production, and post.

  • RSIGuard Stretch Edition  184)   RSIGuard Stretch Edition 4.0
    RSIGuard is an ergonomic tool for the prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel, deQuervain's, tendinitis etc.) including trauma modeling break timer, automatic mouse-clicking, macros & automatic long-term work pattern logging.

  • Amigos Spanish Puzzles  185)   Amigos Spanish Puzzles 2.8
    Learn Spanish vocabulary using games and puzzles. Fun and easy to use. Words are grouped into categories for easy learning. The program also provides a great variety of games and puzzles - crosswords, word search, anagrams, and a board game.

  • valodas  186)   valodas 1.41
    valodas has many learning methods like Speed Learning, Flash Cards, Memory Games, Spelling, Multi-Choice. More than 200 ready to use dictionaries may be downloaded at the developer's website. Don't forget to download dictionaries to start learning!

  • Tongue Teacher  187)   Tongue Teacher 1.0
    This is a program designed to help learn words in foreign languages. It is like using flashcards, but it is designed specifically for learning languages in the most efficient way.

  • JetDat PalmOS  188)   JetDat PalmOS 2.0
    Keep your trip itinerary organized and easily accessible, with flight numbers, departure and arrival times, gate numbers, etc. Make handy travel conversions between home and local currency, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and Imperial to Metric conversions.

  • SoftCollection LCD Clock  189)   SoftCollection LCD Clock 1.89
    Description: Beautiful LCD Clock. Features: * Transparency may be changed. * May be placed everywhere on the screen. * May be hidden or shown by single mouse click on systray icon.

  • Personaltrainer Chinese (Mandarin) Language Learning  190)   Personaltrainer Chinese (Mandarin) Language Learning 1.0
    L-Ceps Personaltrainer Chinese (Mandarin) is an adaptable language learning solution for individuals with a serious desire to break the language barriers of the Chinese language. Learn Mandarin with this easy to use software.

  • Learn Chinese 2006  191)   Learn Chinese 2006 6.0
    Learn Chinese 2008 is a full-featured tool box for Chinese learning students. Learn Chinese 2008 includes a dictionary, a Chinese text reading assistant with pronunciation, a powerful statistics module, character writing animations and exercises.

  • 50 Free Html Box Codes  192)   50 Free Html Box Codes 1
    Create picture frames, logos, layouts for contextual ads, creative tables and more with these free, easy-to-use codes.

  • The Name Dropper  194)   The Name Dropper 1.0
    The Name Dropper is a program which is designed to generate random names. Using US census data from the last century, The Name Dropper can create over 115 million different male names, and over 370 million female names.

  • ReadWrite Chinese (Traditional)  195)   ReadWrite Chinese (Traditional) 1.0
    ReadWrite Chinese teaches the 1000 most frequently characters. The program features a flashcard-like review, and a number of exercises to assess progress. Also included is stroke order animation and an interactive stroke order practice exercise.

  • Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer  196)   Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer 1.8
    Never lose track of those important dates again. Remind yourself of special events, birthdays or even that important meeting. Then plot your day in the password protected journal to archive your precious memories.

  • As-U-Type Speller  197)   As-U-Type Speller 3.1
    An OS-level real-time spell check software that checks and automatically corrects typographical and spelling errors for everything you type in all Windows programs. It learns your mistakes, adapts to your typing habit and becomes smarter with use.

  • Clicktionary  198)   Clicktionary 3.2.2
    Clicktionary is a software that gives you instant translations in just one click. It offers translations from English to more than 10 languages. Click on any word you want to translate and it will provide you translations instantly.

  • Desktop Server  199)   Desktop Server 4
    Desktop Server is a multi-user/multi-station Linux operating system that allows up to 10 independent users, screens and keyboards to work wfrom just on PC.

  • Forpilots Logbook  200)   Forpilots Logbook 1.8
    ForPilots Logbook maintains an electronic version of a pilots logbook. The program is very user friendly and is intended to look and feel just like the paper logbooks do. Many different fields supported. Intended for all pilots from student to ATP.

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